NTR is a Real Hero I Have Seen – Sampoo


After walking out of ‘Big Boss‘ midway, Sampoornesh Babu appeared on today’s episode of the show to give an explanation to the audiences about the reason why he walked out of the show.

He extended apologies for not having the stamina to stay in the ‘Big Boss’ house without any contact with the outside world. When he went out, he opened his Facebook account and was shocked to find out the reactions of the audiences who slammed him for not being game to the challenge.

Some even asked him, “Are you a hero?” Sampoornesh Babu is sorry for his behavior and also for not using the big opportunity that came his way. Yes. Sampoo’s behavior was a huge disappointment to his fans who expected him to be a real star on the show. He said NTR is his real hero and the real big boss he has seen in his life.




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